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Note: You MUST follow the appropriate copyright laws that apply to you when using content, images and videos from the internet. You are responsible for your own content use.

The purpose of this article is to cover all the advanced settings and properties of SEO Content Machine Article Creator Task

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Remember: You can hover over most items to get a tooltip explanation of what it does.

article keywords

Topics Covered

  • Article Settings
  • Content Sources
  • Custom Content
  • Links
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Scheduler

Article Settings

The first tab is the article settings tab. This is an important area as you tell the program the keywords for finding content and the output and location of the final article.

article creator


Enter the keyword SCM will use to run a search for content.

Tip: Keyword selection is important! Selecting content rich keywords means your generated articles are of higher quality. Where possible input keywords that will return lots of editorials, articles and reviews.

The article creator will search for content using each keyword that you place in the keyword box.

If you paste in 100 keywords, the article creator will search all 100 keywords one at a time.

Please make sure all your keywords are related, otherwise the final article will contain content that is from many different keywords all mashed together.



Select spinner to use on all scraped content.

If you are scraping more than 10,000 words of content be aware that some spinner services will take a long time (30+mins) to complete.

The “soft spin” is free.

Spinning content in foreign languages is supported in some spinners such as X-spinner, spinner-chief etc

Article Settings


  • Unique : Scrape and split content into sentences. Rebuild articles using sentences. This creates highly unique content (up to 90% according to Copyscape) but can be un-readable with broken phrases and lost narrative flow.
  • Readable: Content is created to maintain paragraphs of content. Readability is extremely high. However your article will not be unique (50%~ according to Copyscape)

Paragraph Variations

Each paragraph variation will add one spin variation to the paragraph.

Each variation essentially doubles the amount of content.

As each paragraph has its own spin variation it allows for nested spinning. Word spinning via spinner and paragraph level spinning.

Paragraph Min Words

You can selectively choose the minimum word count of each paragraph. Each paragraph will be no bigger than 2x this number.

If you don’t want SCM to combine small paragraphs and sentences into bigger paragraphs, set this number to 0

Article Count

Each article requested will be unique. Each created article not use content that has already been used.

If you do not have enough content, SCM will re-shuffle the content list and re-use the content again.


SCM can:

  • Export articles to a folder in both spun and un-spun unique versions to your hard drive.
  • Create content in pdf format
  • Send content to content folders for your blog managed by SCM.

Export Filenames

You can customize the filename convention used when saving articles.

Click on the “+” button to open up this window.

custom filenamesCustom file naming is done via custom tags that are replaced with actual data when the task is run.

Custom Filenames

Right click on the textbox to bring up a list of all available tags

Content Sources

Article sourcesYou have access to 4 sources to load your content for the article creator.

  1. Scrape Content:
    Scrape your own list of sites (via BING) or scrape the Google results for your region.
    NB: You can set Google to [None] if you don’t want any Google scraped results.
  2. Local Files:
    Load articles stored on your hard drive. Good way to re-use PLR content.
    NB: SCM will take any spun content and convert it to a 1 layer spin. If you wish to preserve your spintax, load it via custom content tab.
  3. Article Builder + Big Content Search:
    Both are paid content services. Fill out your login details in the options -> 3rd party logins screen.

Custom Content

You can insert your own titles, categories and paragraph content into the article generator.

custom content

Custom paragraphs allow you to insert your own footers, intros and heavily spun content into generated articles.

To add a custom paragraph of content, use the “Add Content” button.

Add new custom content

SCM will insert any custom content “as is”. It will not try to filter content, insert links, or convert spintax.

Tip: You can reduce your footprint by setting content to “Random” and selecting a range. SCM will randomly choose a number of paragraphs to insert and place them in a random location.


LinksLink detailInsert your own contextual links or custom tokens.

Insert links by replacing random words (SCM will try to replace a keyword in the article keywords box).

Links also can be inserted as sentences.

Tip: You have full ability to customize the link tag (supports spintax). Use this to create link tag variations to eliminate footprint.

More information about links are covered here in this article


You can insert your own images into articles.

The settings are fairly limited and there is no advanced customization of the insert code (unlike links).

WordPress Advanced Thumbnail Support

If you are using WordPress, you can insert images as post thumbnails (aka featured images).

WordPress themes that support featured images will use this to create even more natural looking sites.

Just enable the “Insert Post Thumbnail” setting.

post thumbnails

Using Creative Commons or Copyright less images

Just select the CC option in image source.

article generator - images creative commons

If you want to scrape your own list of images for better relevance, set image source to “Custom”.

You can right click anywhere on the custom textbox to open up the image scraper tool.

custom image


article generator - videos

Insert youtube videos into your articles.

Tip: Insert your own video code by choosing “Custom” in video settings. Insert one unique embed code per line only.

Insert videos by youtube username

You can opt to search for and only insert videos listed under a youtuber’s video list.

Awesome if you want to insert videos from your own channel.

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