Can you import a list of keywords into the article creator?

Question: Is it possible to import a list of keywords into the article creator? Each keyword should be its own project with its own settings.

Article Creator

The article creator has its own keyword box.

However you can’t use unrelated keywords in here or else the generated content will be a mix of unrelated content.

The solution is to create a “template article creator” with the settings you require, then to import the keywords


Create the first a “template article creator”.

The keyword can be anything, it will be replaced later.

All settings should be set to what you require for all projects for your keyword list.

template article creator


Save this project. You don’t need to run it!

In the content task grid, select the template article task and click on the “Article Creator Bulk Keywords” button.

Import keywords to article creatorImporting Keywords

A window with a textbox to enter your keywords will appear.

Keyword import windowEnter each keyword on its own line.

Click Ok.

Imported tasksEach keyword you had is imported and a new article creator task is created with the same settings as the Article creator task that you selected.

NB Template Article Creator is just a task name, you can name it anything you need.

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