How does the article creator cache content


The article creator stores all the downloaded and spun content in a cache.

The next time you run the same article creator again, it will use the cached content.

Until you clear the cache manually, the article creator will not re-download and re-spin content.

This works really well for content downloaded from Big Content Search and Article Builder.

Once you download content from those sources, you will have it stored on file forever.

Content Cache Tab

The content cache tab does not appear when creating a new article creator task.

When there is cached content available, a new tab will appear in the article creator form

Content cache

This tab is not visible if there is no cached content.
The “Article Source” tab is also hidden when there is cached content.

Advance usages of cached content

Scrape multiple article keywords

The article creator will download content for each keyword it finds in the keyword text box.

Any duplicate paragraphs is removed.

The more keywords you use, the greater your pool of potentially useful content!

Once its scraped, remember is cached for life.

You can re-use that content as much as required.

Re-use content

Spin credits are expensive. Cached spun content allows you to generate articles with different links, sizes etc without re-scraping and re-spinning.

Only spin if required. Download first, spin later.

The article creator will only spin text if it is un-spun and requested.

There is also no need to spin your content on the first run.

SCM will intelligently apply a spinner later if you decide to re-run the task with a spinner selected.

Filter unwanted content

The old “Junk Filter” box has been removed and now a new filter panel has been added.

The content cache has an advanced filtering panel.

Advanced cache content filtering

You can filter the scraped Titles, Intro and Body content.

Filter only content you want to keep. Once the article creator is saved, all the unwanted content is removed.

If you do not save the article creator, your content is still safe.

Duplicate your cache

If you duplicate an article creator task, it will also create a new copy of the cache.

The new cache, belonging to the new article creator task is completely separate.


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