How to create a super spun article

You can create a local content cache (to save time on scraping) and load it into SCM for ready to spin content that is relevant and unique to your keyword.

If you already have your own PLR articles or scraped content, you are ready to go. If not, you can scrape together your own database of content.

(Optional) Create A Content Cache

  1. Create a new Article Creator Task.
  2. Select HTML article as the template type. Save output to “Folder1“.
  3. Select an online source.
  4. Set Word Spinner to None.
  5. Set paragraphs to 5-5. Paragraph variations to 1. Article count to 100.
  6. Run Task.
  7. Content cache is ready.


How To Create A Super Spun Article

  1. Create a new Article Creator Task.
  2. Select “Local” as the content source and point it to “Folder1“. -Or- point to any existing PLR article folder.
  3. For Super Spin. Check the following settings:
    • Word Spinner – Set to a spinner of choice
    • Paragraph Variations – Number of variations in each paragraph. Eg, 3 Paragraph Variations = {para1|para2|para3}. The higher, the more spun.
    • Article Count – Set to 1

If you do this you will get an article which is word spun + paragraph spun. I.e. Super Spun.

The higher the paragraph variations the more unique each article will be between spins.

Each paragraph variation will add another new original paragraph into the spin.

NB You can set paragraph variations to the maximum number supported. SCM will automatically calculate the highest optimum number based on the amount of paragraphs it has to work with.

Now you have article creator task that is ready to go and running of a database of content.



What Is The Ideal Number Of Paragraph Variations?

The ideal number is limited by the following:

  • Available spin credits. The more variations the more spin credits will be used.
  • The total unique content scraped. SCM will not re-use content. Instead it will adjust the paragraph variations down automatically.

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