How to create articles in foreign languages using the Article Creator

Note: You MUST follow the appropriate copyright laws that apply to you when using content, images and videos from the internet. You are responsible for your own content use.


SEO Content Machine can download content in foreign languages.

Foreign content can be obtained from 2 sources:

  1. Custom sites (via Bing/BingCache/Google/Custom Search Engine)
  2. Google search results in your Country

The article creator can also load articles in any language from text files on your computer.

SCM does not come configured with a foreign language spinner. You will need to purchase one such as X-Spinner etc

Custom sites (via Bing/BingCache/Google/CSE)

SCM can download and scrape content from Bing/BingCache/Google/CSE for any language result.

There is the usual limit of 50 results per keyword if you use Bing.

It is important to remember that BING may not have indexed the sites you are trying to scrape content for.

You may try Google or a Custom Search Engine for better results.

How to add a new custom site

Add your custom site via the [Edit Custom Sites] button in the article creator.

You can also add new custom sites in the Article Downloader via the same grid.

Edit custom site

Click on the “Edit Custom Site” button in the article creator to begin.

Click on “+” button to add a site that contains usable articles

append new site

Eg Spanish |

This will tell SCM to look up that site for content. If you use a Spanish article directory, it will find and scrape Spanish content.

SE selection

Selecting the Search Engine is important. Google gives more results, but you need to load proxies or risk getting banned.

Custom Search Engines allows you to visit any page directly and scrape all the links on that page for content.

Click [Save] once you are finished.

Don’t forget to select the custom source.

Recommended sites to use

You should use sites that have lots of usable content on them.


  • News sites
  • Blogs
  • Review sites
  • Article directory sites

Advanced Xpath configuration

The scraper engine in SCM is able to auto-detect content on a page and extract it automatically.

Sometimes this fails, or it extracts the wrong bits of content.

You can override this by using the exact Xpath to the content you want to scrape on a page.

Xpath configuration is an advanced topic.

For 99% of users you don’t need to adjust or configure a custom Xpath.

Choosing correct Google region

The article creator (and the article downloader) can query Google for content.

Select the Google search region from the drop down list.

Selecting a region in your language will return results in that language.

scrape SE google for content

Difference between Google And Custom sites

Your search keywords are passed to the search engines like this.

via Google keyword

via Custom site

http:/ inurl: my keyword

via Custom Search Engine keyword

Tip: You can use search operators for keywords too:

Eg: my keyword -not this keyword

You can use both Google and Custom sites

This allows you to scrape more content than just using one or the other.

My Google region/language isn’t there

Send support an email to add your Google region.

If you need help configuring SCM, we can do that for you to!

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