How to customize and insert contextual links & tokens


SEO Content Machine gives you precise control over how you insert links into existing content.

  • You can insert links or tokens anywhere in an article.
  • You can customize the exact link code that gets inserted as well.
  • You can use spintax anywhere there is text.
  • Spintax can be used in format strings to reduce the possibility of footprints.
  • You can insert a link “contextually” ie it will randomly pick some words and turn them into a link.

The Links Window

new links


Urls – Keywords

For each link, you can enter the URLs and Keywords.

  • Enter url + keyword for a normal link
    SCM will spin together all urls and keywords into one link anchor
  • Enter ONLY Urls and it will insert naked links.
    ie The keyword box is ignored and your links will ignore
    eg <a href=””>example/.com</a>
  • Link List – Enabling this links each URL with the opposite keyword on the same line.Useful if you want to assign keywords to only one URL

link list

Anchor Text Variation

Set a percentage chance that SEO Content Machine will use a generic anchor text instead of your specified keyword.

You can customize the generic anchor text by clicking on the drop down box next to the percentage slider.

Generic anchor text comes pre-filled already with generic keywords, you do not have to enter any if you do not want to.

anchor text variation

Insert Settings

Each link is formatted using a link format string.

You are provided some default format strings for HTML, BBCODE and WIKI.

When SCM is generating a link it replaces the %url% and %keyword% code with the actual URLs and Keywords you specified above in the Urls-Keywords boxes.

You can also create your own customized link format, just make sure to use the %url% and %keyword% tokens.

The format string fully supports spintax code.

Insert Link Positions

Insert positions

Insert link position options

Inserting Contextual Links/Tokens

  • Replace keyword or insert randomly – Insert a random word in a selected paragraph with your link. The program will try to find and replace keyword articles if it finds them in that chosen paragraph.
  • Insert from x – x – Allows you to randomize the number of times a contextual link is inserted into the article.

You can insert tokens by clearing the format string and entering your own tokens.

Inserting Sentences

You can insert whole sentences with your link in them so that they look even more natural.

  • Insert random sentence
  • Insert sentence at top of article
  • Insert sentence at bottom of article

The red highlighted text box bellow is your link sentence.

The %link% is a special token that will be replaced by your link (which is generated using your Link format string)

You can enter any content and it will be inserted as a sentence.

You can also use spintax here.

* This box can only be edited if you choose to insert a link as a sentence.

Inserting Contextual Links

Insert link contextuallyYou can choose to insert your links contextually.

That is, instead of adding a random word and ruining the readability of the content, you can randomly assign a link to any word.

You can choose how many words long the link anchor should be.

Valid numbers are bigger than 0.

Invalid values will be ignored.

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One thought on “How to customize and insert contextual links & tokens

  1. Jeff Gadley says:

    Okay, this was pretty good at explaining some things as a starting point because I was TERRIBLY confused about how it all comes together. I still have much more to review before I can say that to totally get it. Seems a bit complicated at first attempt and I have mounting questions. All in all a good starter section.

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