How to make articles more unique by using all paragraphs obtained?

It says in the log that I use XX out of XXX paragraphs. That’s a huge waste, so how do I make the article asĀ  unique as possible by using ALL of the paragraphs obtained?

  • SCM auto calculates the minimum amount of words it uses for the Article Creator at run time.
  • Every ~100 words of content = 1 paragraph
  • The counter in the article creator gives a good approximation

Formula is,

# Paragraphs X # Variations per Paragraph X # Body Tags X # Articles = Paragraphs required.

To increase the used number of paragraphs, you can tweak any of the above settings.

Quickest way is to increase Paragraph Variations.

You can input a high number eg, 9999.

SCM will automatically adjust this number down to use all available paragraphs.

How Do I Create One Long Article?

Set count of paragraphs to a high number eg 9999 – 9999

Set variations to 1, article count to 1

At run time SCM will adjust the paragraph count down.

You will end up with 1 large article with all available content in one file.

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