How to select the right keywords to find content

SCM is a content scraper, the results are only as good as the content you give it. Garbage in, garbage out.

To that effect…

Keyword Examples

Example 1 Keyword

– Bad choice of keyword.

Likely to have no real usable content, maybe a lot of videos etc.

You want keywords that would bring in articles, reviews etc.

Better “Acne cream reviews” or “how to get rid of acne”.

Example 2 Keyword

My Widget
– Most likely a bad choice.

Unless its popular widget… SCM (that is Google) is going to struggle to find any real usable content.

You will see the top 10 results are probably e-commerce sites that are “thin in content”

Better “My widget review” or go higher up and use a broader keyword

Example 3 Keyword

Computer Technician Miami
–  Another bad choice.

Unless there is a computer technician in “Miami” that has written 25 articles about being a computer technician in Miami, you are going to get sites with very thin content which is not usable for SCM.

Better “Computer Technician” – drop place names. Even better, add the place names in later via custom token.


As you can see there is a science to using SCM.

SCM is capable of finding a lot of content, sometimes you just have to steer it in the right direction.

BTW review keywords are awesome. Eg… My keyword + “review”

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