How to create and post content to your blog

Add WordPress or Blogger

You must add a WordPress or Blogger blog to SEO Content Machine before it can start creating content and posting to it.

You can also add multiple blogs at once by clicking on the little down triangle to open the bulk import menu.

Add Folder

You need to add a folder to store posts and assign categories.

Create Content For Your Blog

Use the article generator to create content for your blog.

Optionally you can write your own content with the help of the content research tool. Just click on “Find Content Snippets”

Set export to “Blog” to save articles directly to your blog folder.

article generator - to blog2

Don’t forget to select which folders you want the articles to be saved in.

Autopost Content

Schedule blog posting

Click on “Schedule Blog Posts” to automatically create a new task that will upload new posts to your blog.

You can schedule this task to run automatically on any set frequency. Ie daily etc.


  • Select folders of posts you want SEO Content Machine to submit to your blog
  • Upload xx posts per blog: Select the total number of posts to upload each time the task is run.

    Set this value to 60, if you are using Blogger so that you don’t get errors.

  • Starting from: Starting date from which posts will go live.
    You can set it sometime into the future to schedule posts.
    You can set it sometime in the past to back date posts.
    Between each task run, SCM remembers the last used date.
  • Schedule xx live posts x to x days apart: You can specify exactly how to spread out your submissions.

To run this post upload task automatically, please use the scheduler tab.

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