How to import text files into your blogs as posts

Importing Text Files Into Your Blogs

You can import your own articles into SEO Content Machine.

Articles must be located on your hard drive.

In the blog manager window click on the button “Import Articles”

The import article window looks like the follow….

Detecting article content

You have to tell SEO Content Machine at import time how to detect titles, categories etc. You do this by clicking on the dropdown boxes for each section, Title, Body etc

Eg: Clicking on the Title dropdown, gives you <h1> <title> etc

The items in tags, means it will detect HTML tag and attempt to extract that as title.

Use filename and first line is as stated.


Select blogs to import content into

Don’t forget to select which blogs to import your articles into.

When you add a blog, don’t forget to add a content folder. You can’t post directly to a blog. You need to import content into a folder, and then from that folder post to your site.

The reason we do this is that each folder is assigned one blog category.


Importing images

SEO Content Machine will download any image urls it finds in your articles. This process can take some time.

However, once its done once, the images are stored on your hard drive permanently.

If you do not want to download images enable “Hotlinked Images” and your posts will have image urls in place.

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