How to setup FTP for Blogger

Blogger FTP Setup

Blogger does not support image hosting.

SCM allows you to upload images instead to your own FTP server.

Below is screenshot of the FTP setup screen.


Blogger ftp

1. FTP Server: Url to the ftp server.

2. Username + Password : Login credentials to FTP server

3. URL to FTP Folder: SCM needs to insert the URL back to the hosted image.

SCM can not auto-detect the URL.

Please fill in the image url that should be used to access the uploaded images.


Images get uploaded to the root folder of my FTP server

SCM does not upload the image to the server but places its in the root directory (ie /).

The url is formed correctly eg. ->

But the image is in root directory not in the images folder.


When you create your FTP account it has a default home directory.

If images are going to root folder, it means FTP account default home directory is root.

Please create new FTP account which has default home directory set to the images folder.

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