What is the Blog Manager?

The blog manager allows you to manage content for your own WordPress + Blogger Blogs.

You can also subscribe to RSS feeds and spin them and post that content to keep your blog network up to date with fresh content.

Blog Manager Window

Common Tasks

  1. Use WordPress or Blogger Blogs
  2. Subscribe to RSS Feeds
  3. Import article text files into your blog
  4. Submit posts

HTML Post Editor

HTML Post Editor

The Html post editor is a fully featured post editor. You can write and edit posts directly using this screen.

Other tools

  • Insert images
  • Insert a link back to the original source (only available for RSS feed items)
  • Spin the article. (The post editor supports articles in spintax format. A spun version is taken when uploaded to your blog)
  • Check for duplicate content using Copyscape

Subscribing To RSS Feeds

A great way of getting fresh content is to subscribe to RSS feeds and use them as the basis of new content.

SEO Content Machine will automatically insert a link back to the original article and credit the site correctly.

You should re-write the content and curate it by adding your own thoughts, images and videos to provide the best value for your site visitors.

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