How to create your own super spun articles

You can use SEO Content Machine to create your own super spun articles.

Content has to be on your hard drive. You can scrape them, or have them pre-written.

Using this outlined method you can

  • Scrape content
  • Mix content at sentence or paragraph level
  • Have all mixed content output into 1 article

Content Combiner

You can find the content combiner task in the Application menu.

Its primary purpose is to combine content on your hard drive.

Content Combiner

The content combiner will try its best to create the articles with your specified parameters.

If you do not have enough content, the task will complete BUT may be missing content.

For example.

Article with 200 paragraphs.

If there is only 10 paragraphs available to content combiner, it will create 10 paragraphs only.

The task will not fail. It will complete even with lack of content.

Explanation Of Settings

You have a choice of combining content at a Sentence OR Paragraph level.

You can load in any content that is in text files. Spun content will be unspun.

mixing settings


Mix content at a sentence level.

You can choose a random number of sentences that is used per paragraph.

You can also randomize how many paragraphs appear in each article.

NB: Sentence and paragraph counts are fixed per article. However, they will change in-between articles.


You can keep article content as it is and re-mix paragraphs.

To preserve readability you can check “Preserve paragraph order”. Paragraphs will be used in the same order they appear in articles.

Variations Per Paragraph/Sentence

This will create a spun block for the number of variations you select. Useful for creating super spun content.

If you don’t have enough content, the task will continue but you may not have the exact number of variations you asked for.

Content Wrapping

If you need to wrap each line with html tags, this is the place to do it.

Eg <p> </p>

content wrapping


Example Usage

Watch the following video for an example. (Its a little bit outdated as sentence settings have changed)

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