How to insert images/videos, links & spin existing articles

The content inserter tool allows you to re-use existing articles on your hard drive and insert images/videos, links and additional content automatically into each one.

You can also use this tool to bulk spin a bunch of existing articles.

Getting started

Before you start you need to have existing articles on the computer to use.

You also need a list of keywords, as each article is processed one at a time using each keyword once. If you use multiple keywords you will get multiple folders of output. One for each keyword.

Open the content inserter tool

Enter your keywords

Enter the keywords you want SCM to use to search for images and videos.

Each keyword is processed separately, each time a keyword is used a new folder is created with the keyword used appended to the folder name.

Locate your existing articles

Tell the content inserter exactly where to find the location of your articles by clicking on the “Content Sources” tab.

The content inserter can process all files and sub-folders recursively.

  • Use the buttons to find and remove folders.
  • The “Title In File” checkbox means the first line of your article is imported as the article title. If your article title is in the file name, just uncheck this box.

Insert any custom content

Is possible to insert blocks of text anywhere into your existing articles. Good for inserting footer text or extra paragraphs with pre-inserted links.

Each custom content can be inserted into the following positions. Just click on the dropdown arrow.

  • Top of the article
  • Middle of the article
  • End of the article
  • Random chance of being used (This works in conjunction with the “Random Settings” panel below)
  • Anywhere in article

Random Settings

If you selected “Random chance” above, here you select exactly how many of those blocks you want to appear in the article.

Inserting links

If you want to insert links you can customise it here on this tab.

Inserting images

SCM will use your keywords to find images to insert into your articles. You can tweak many options regarding their appearance on this tab.

Inserting videos

You can insert videos from youtube automatically based on the keyword you provide.

Replace text

The replace tab allows you to find any bits of text in your articles and have them re-written and replaced using regex.

Running the task

To run the task, go back to “Article” tab.

  • Don’t forget to set the output path and output format.
  • You can export files directly to a blog folder or to your hard drive in both spun and un-spun formats.
  • You can select a spinner if you want the content to be rewritten as well.

Check “Run Immediately” and click on “Add Task” to start.

Task completion

On the task grid you can see the status of the task.

The application shows you in detail what is being done and can be used to help troubleshoot any errors.

Once completed you can use the “Inspect Articles” button or the “…” to view the processed files.

Under your output directory, is a list of directories, one for each keyword you entered. Inside the folders are your processed articles.

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