How to spin an article using SEO Content Machine


This is the easy method to spinning one article using any 3rd party or free spinner (soft spin).

If you need to spin articles in bulk, you can use the content inserter.


Open the article document window by clicking on the T1 Content Creator tool.

article windowThis opens up the document window, you can close or hide the Snippet Finder tool window to get full access to the text editor.

close snippet finder

Import Content

Paste in the content Or open the text file containing the text you want to spin.

Spin toolsYour spin tools are located in the “Spin” ribbon group.

Select your spinner, and click “Spin It” to begin the auto rewrite process.

NB You must have entered correct API details for paid spin services.

The free spinner is “soft spin” and comes with SCM.

Preview Spin

You can take a spin preview of any spun article.

Spin previewClick on the View ribbon tab, and click on the “Spun Preview” button to see a copy of the spun article.

Spun previewDon’t forget that you can refresh the preview with another copy by clicking on “Spin Again”.

You can copy the preview to clipboard or save it to a file.

Saving Multiple Spun Copies

If you need to generate multiple articles from one spun copy of text, you can do this as well using the “Spun Export” button.

Spun exportWhen clicked on you can choose where to save your articles and how many copies you need.

Export to fileEach article generated is a variation taken from the spintax available in the article.

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  1. Honestly, i haven’t try content machine…but i tried kontent machine once and its very easy and effective to get unique articles….but instead of content spinning try to write detailed and manual written articles…this will help you lot.Thanks

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