Understand the SEO Content Machine Dashboard

SEO Content Machine Dashboard

SCM dashboard contains easy access to all the main functions of the program.

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Content Creation Tasks

Generate Articles

Generate content for your link building programs and link building campaigns. Insert your own custom paragraphs, links, images and videos using this tool. Content can come from online web sources, articles on your hard drive, Article Builder or Big Content Search. You can also spin content using article re-writers such as WordAi, SpinRewriter etc.

Insert Content

Insert custom paragraphs, links, images and videos into already existing text articles on your hard drive, and apply a word spinner at the same time.

Re-Mix Content

Re-combine (mash) content on your hard drive into new articles. Process articles and split content into sentences or paragraphs.

Translate Articles

Translate content from one language to another. Bing or Google translate can be used.

Schedule Blog Posts

Automatically upload posts in the Blog Manager to your WordPress or Blogger blogs.

Content Tools

Article Downloader

Download content from the web onto your hard drive. You can download content from your own custom list of sites or from Google search results. Once the content is on your hard drive you can sort and filter it to use with your own content research.

T1 Content Creator (Document Window)

Create extremely unique articles by combining small text sentences found using Google for your article keyword.

Scrape Image Urls

Scrape a list of image urls from Google/Bing and Flickr (creative commons)

Find Long Tail Keywords

Generate a list of long tail keywords using the Google suggest engine.

Create About Me

Create a super spun about me paragraph that you can use in article resource boxes.

Use Content Wizard

A step by step wizard to help you generate articles. This is a friendlier introduction to the much more complex “Generate Articles” feature.

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