Template tags

Template Tags

SCM allows you to customize the output of the article creator via template tags

The template tags can be found in the template editor.

The editor is found here.

Template editor


Template Editor

Click on the “+” to add your first template code.

Click on the “[a]” symbol page under “Template Code” to customize the template codes.

Right click on this code editor to bring up a ready list of usable tags.

Right click template tags

Quick list of all the Tags and what they do

  • title – Inserts a scraped or spin title
  • all-titles – Inserts all available titles as one big spun text
  • body – Inserts body with links/images/videos
  • body_paragraphs(number of paragraphs) – Ignores paragraph to & from settings and only inserts the number of paragraphs you wise. NB body/body_paragraphs tag are the same both accept a #number of paragraphs parameter.
  • body-nolink – Inserts body with images/videos but no links
  • body-textonly(number of paragraphs) – Inserts plain body text with no links/images/videos. If you don’t pass a number of paragraphs value it will take it from the insert paragraph to-from settings.
  • summary_words(number of words) – Inserts a super spun summary block of text up to the number of words requested
  • keyword(number of  items per CSV block)- Inserts a spun block of keywords with requested number of  keywords separated by comma. Eg {keyword1,keyword2, keyword3|keyword4,keyword5,keyword6}
  • tag(number of items per CSV) block – Inserts a spun block of tags (keywords < 3 words) with requested number of tags separated by comma. Eg {tag1,tag2,tag3|tag5,tag5,tag6}
  • description_chars(number of characters) – Inserts a super spun block of content limited by number of characters
  • aboutme – Inserts super spun about me text block with your primary keyword inserted in the text
  • spun-category – Inserts all categories as one spun block. Eg {cat1|cat2}
  • category – Inserts all article category as CSV list.  Eg cat1, cat2
  • postpagename – Generates a permalink using a keyword + 4 digit number. Eg my-long-keyword1993
  • taskname – Current name of task
  • tasjname_nospace – Current name of task with no spaces
  • projectname – Current name of project
  • url – Inserts Linkset #1
  • youtubeid – Inserts spun block of youtube video IDs
  • images – Inserts spun block of <img> tags
  • image-urls – Inserts spun block of img urls only

If you are using the content inserter, you can use the special %keyword% tag and in your article content and it will be replaced by the current active keyword


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19 thoughts on “Template tags

  1. Kath says:


    When you use the tag <> is there any way to get the formatting to be H2?

    Also for <> with the wrapping, is there any way to select a p style that would justify the text?

    Are there any additional resources that set out wrapping and tag options?

    1. admin says:

      Just wrap the tag in <H2> tag. SCM replaces the tag with content. So any text in the template gets left behind.

      To justify <p> text. You can manually change the line endings so that it uses CSS.


      Line start =
      <p style=”text-align:justify;”>

      Each text block that is wrapped with that will be justified aligned.

      The only settings for wrapping is for each template you can specify a start and end wrap.

      Most tags do not have options.

  2. David says:

    I tried to use the template builder but it never comes out with enough content.

    For example,
    body_paragraphs(7) only produced 3 paragraphs.
    summary_words(200) only comes out about 1 sentence of 20 words.

    This seems like a major bug.

    1. admin says:

      It also depends on the article creator settings.

      If you are able to can you send me a copy of the “scheduler.fdb” to info [at]seocontentmachine.
      Maybe zip it first.

      That way I can look at the exact task that is not working and offer a solution for you.

  3. Ivan says:

    How to use “random paragraph content” with a template?
    For instance, if I have a template


    Can I insert the random paragraphs in the “<>”?


    1. admin says:

      Not too sure what you mean.

      Think of <> tags as the same as MS word mail merge tags.

      It can only insert something where it finds <> with correct word in it.

      eg <>

      If you want to insert your own random paragraph content, I believe you should be using
      the custom content tab and not template tags.

  4. Martin says:

    Hi! You send me an example with this format for configurate on SCM?


    And if this template would be compatible with Ranker X?


    1. admin says:



      This would just create a plain text file that you can import into RankerX

    1. admin says:

      You can’t put anything inside <<>> as these are just tags. But you can surround it with whatever text you need.
      Eg: My article <> is this!

      When running the article creator will replace what is inside the angle brackets.

        1. admin says:

          The correct code is <>
          For 3 tags, which are auto generated. If you want tags you could just input them like this.


          No need for macro tag.

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